Welcome to Startup Styles November 25 2013

Welcome to Startup Styles! Our company was started when we went to decorate our own offices and couldn't find anything we liked for the walls. We wanted something that would motivate our team and show off our somewhat rebellious attitude - we wanted something awesome.

Instead of buying something generic off the shelf, our design team created a series of posters from our favorite startup quotes. After they'd been hanging in the office for a while, almost everyone that came through asked if the posters were for sale, or where they could get some for themselves. After the 10th time, we decided to do something about it! We partnered with a top-quality print shop in California to print our designs, and launched Startup Styles in November 2013. While we've expanded our inventory since, many of the designs on the site today are still based on the original posters hanging on our walls.